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instead of timidly watching from the sidelines?

Learn everything you need to FLIP AND PROFIT instead of losing in an investment money pit.

I bet you've seen renovations on tv, or even know someone

who is profiting from property investing...

Maybe you've thought about building a business flipping properties? But, feel like there are secrets only the pros know?

WHAT THE PROS KNOW: how to mitigate flipping and reno obstacles and maximise profit.

(Pssst. I'm a pro 🙋🏼‍♀️ - You can learn this even if you haven't purchased your first investment yet!)

Do you drive by listings just DREAM OF getting inside to see how you could flip it? ME TOO!

You may even fantasize about leaving your 9 - 5 job knowing if you just had a system to profitably invest in flipping properties you would sky-rocket your income.

You might think, "It can take years of experience... and mistakes (AKA money)... before you see a return on your investment..."

NO! ...The good news is: I've made all the money mistakes.

And now, I'm sharing the lessons with you!

Want to take some of the risk out of such a risky business?

We get it!

It can be hard to maximise an investment right away. And finding the right type of properties can be confusing when your shuffling from listing to listing...

Here's what we've discovered:

  • How to identify a great flipping house
  • How to build a flipping budget
  • How to build a winning design plan
  • How to develop a construction plan
  • How to keep your flip on time & on track
  • How to sell your flip for top dollar
  • How to solve flipping problems

I've got a roadmap packed full of actionable lessons that will help you flip smart and build your business. You'll gain the confidence to take on an adventurous and lucrative flipping business.


Who doesn't want to flip houses, right?

When we started down this road it was addictive and we knew before long we wanted to shed the shackles of our full time jobs and flip full time.

Since we were “newbies” we needed to educate ourselves first and foremost.

The thought of investing with no understanding of the business didn’t sit right with us.

We Googled it, we attended seminars, we spoke to the EXPERTS. It was frustrating to say the least... sales pitches, sleazy tactics, wholesaling and a load of other fluff that lacked substance and credibility.

All we wanted was to achieve our goal


In 2 years we paid off ALL our debts and built a six figure cash business.

We have been successfully flipping for 10 years!

I had spent years running leadership programs and writing strategies for global businesses so although we are comfortable with risk... you have to be in this business... I prefer to mitigate my risks!

I'm bringing you a strategy that has been tested in multiple markets and countries, including UK, Australia and US. We know it works... we have used it over and over again.

Our mistakes are your lessons! 👇👇👇

I'm giving you everything you need to flip houses profitably!

These are the industry lessons

that will empower you invest confidently.

THE FLIPPING SCHOOL is more than "just" lessons.

6 module course

Taking you through an end to end flipping system.

Available on any device and can be completed by you at a time and place that's convenient to you.

  • A tried & tested strategy
  • Lifetime Access for as long as the course is available
  • 6 Modules each 6-8 lessons in each
  • Access on any device
  • Inspiration, tips and advice to help you get going!

Downloadable Templates

I am literally giving you EVERYTHING!

  • Multiple Checklists
  • Interview Questions
  • Goal Planner
  • Budget Planner
  • Construction Plan
  • Materials List
  • How to hire trades checklist

Exclusive access

Gain access to the exclusive Facebook Group!

  • A community of like-minded businesses owners
  • Inspiration for Claire and the group
  • Tips to move your business FORWARD

Course Outline - What You'll Learn

Get into the flipping mindset

Module one

You are building your business, this module gets you thinking and acting like a business owner.

By the end of Module 1, you will: have all the information you need to set yourself up and protect your personal assets.

You are a flipping expert

Module two

It’s important to build a strong team around you however you need to educate yourself on your market

By the end of Module 2, you will: understand who your buyer is; the difference between the market segments and how to conduct a market analysis

That's a great flipping house

Module three

A successful flip starts with a terrible house. Well, it’s only terrible until you get your hands on it.

By the end of Module 3, you will know: How to find great properties, how to run quick repair estimates and how to negotiate the best sales price


Module four

A great flip starts with smart design.

By the end of Module 4, you will learn: How to maximise floorplans; Lighting plans; and other design inspiration.

Constructing your dream flip

Module FIVE

No matter where you start--your construction plan is your profit GUIDE.

By the end of Module 5, you will know: how to create, implement, and mitigate risk by creating a construction plan to live by.

sell, sell, sell

Module six

Make money magic.

By the end of Module 6, you will have all of my tools necessary to sell your investment and profit.



  • Online Course With 6 In-Depth Modules: $1,997 Value

  • Action Focused Checklists: $197 Value

  • The Flipping School Templates: $1,997 Value

Total Value = $4,191

Regular Price = $997

Today’s Price = $299

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“So much information, so much value”

I can't believe the amount of information that was included in the course, it changed the way we looked at flipping. I was stunned at how much we didn't know!

Jane C.


Our strategy and our process from the last 14 years, is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need to be in a specific location?

No! The beauty of The Flipping School is that it’s all about providing you with the resources you need to unpick your local market. The founders of The Flipping School have flipped in multiple countries, they know this process works.

I have already flipped houses, will this course be valuable to me?

YES! We can always learn new ways of working. Let me ask you, what do you want to achieve in your business and what are you missing. Many flippers can be lucky and work their way through a few flips without any process or plans in place but if you want to make this a long term, profitable business you need to step it up.

Does this course show you how to flip houses with other people’s money?

This course is designed to help you establish yourself as a flipper. Although it does touch on working with partners or investors, this is minimal.

Is this course going to show me how to hang drywall or other practical skills?

This course is designed to minimise your risks as a flipper by sharing with you our strategy and templates, helping you to make smart buying decisions and to develop the processes to set yourself up for long term success. Although we cover some practical elements in designing a home and developing a construction plan it’s not a trade course.

Am I guaranteed to make money from this course?

Your success is your responsibility. I'm sharing with you a strategy that works, what you choose to do with that information is up to you.

What’s the exclusive Facebook Group?

This exclusive group provides you with an opportunity to ask questions, discuss with peers, find more resources, and flourish with others of the same mindset! I'm in there as well providing value.

Access to Claire, all the action steps you need, and a group to cheer you on!

Let today be the last day that you are unclear on what your next steps are. I'm here for you in this journey towards building a life you will love.

I am giving you everything we have been using to successfully flip houses in multiple countries and multiple markets.


Protect Your Assets

Analyse the Market Like a Pro

Negotiate Like a Pro

Design to Maximise ROI

Stay on Time & on Track

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