from Claire O'Connell Home

from Claire O'Connell Home

Airbnb Investment Masterclass

An Airbnb master class in creating a profitable short-term rental property based on my experience as a property investor

Your first project can be a success!

You'll learn my process:

🏠 choosing a good property...

👷🏻‍♂️ renovation for max income...

🆕 marketing a finished property...

📈 See me run the numbers - and learn to do your own calculations!


Airbnb Investment Masterclass


HOW TO choose the right property

  • HOW TO CALCULATE finances involved
  • What to do to MAXIMIZE your rental potential
  • SHOULD YOU MANAGE IT or outsource?

PLUS these exclusive bonuses:

  • BEFORE AND AFTER -> THE CASE STUDY that will walk you through my exact process and all the numbers! (Value $49)
  • TAKE ACTION with my SHORT TERM RENTAL ANALYSIS CALCULATOR. Have an idea? Run the numbers and learn what makes a property profitable. (Value $49)
  • Borrower Checklist and Lending Products Explained for Property Investment (Value $49)

For just $47

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Total Value $296



...preparing for a purchase on a potential vacation rental property - only this time, you've thought ahead with your finances. You put in an offer and GET the property that is going to make you money!

These skills are everything I've actually done to create a profitable vacation rental property that guests are SO excited to visit 🤩

Can you see it now? YOU! Running vacation properties that SHINE.

How am I qualified to share this?

We semi-retired at 40 and we want to help other people do the same.

I'm Claire! And along with my husband, we have flipped over 14 houses across UK, USA, and Australia.

We're growing a six-figure cash-based business, paying off ALL our debt. We did all this while our family grew from 2 (that’s us) to 5 plus 3 furbabies.

I am sharing how we have built a successful property investment business, all the information shared in this masterclass is based on my experience. I am not a financial advisor. Any financial decisions you make are your own.

“The biggest secret of all…